One app
to ride them all

Experience a new way to travel.

One app
to ride them all

Experience a new way to travel. Download UMOB now.

Enjoy the freedom to move

Want to grab a moped, bike or car? Or just want to hop on public transport? All you need is umob. Our app enables you to discover, book and pay for any mode of transportation. That’s right, any.

One stop solution

No more switching between apps. All you need is umob to get from point A to B.

Ride within minutes

We make sure your account gets verified within minutes so you can ride when you want.

Always the best option

Because all providers are in our app you can always find the best option for your travel plans.

Pay & go

Pay for every mode of transportation through our app, with no extra costs. Ka-ching!



You can explore all modalities/travel options/vehicles.


Find your nearest ride through our user-friendly map.


Sign up, book and pay directly through our app, no extra fees. You're welcome!

Let's go!

You can drive within minutes. (We accept all drivers licenses).

Release Summer 2023

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Are you ready to go?

Download umob now!

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