One app to ride them all.

About us

We are umob! Your to go super-mobility platform. The first app in the Netherlands that combines all electric e-mopeds, scooters, bikes, cabs and public transport. We believe in clean, easy, and affordable rides for everyone. Sustainable mobility should be for everyone! That’s our mission.

How do we do this? We combine all existing forms of mobility and operators in one app to ride them all (Check, Felyx, GO-Sharing, Donkey Republic, Bolt, Baqme, BIRD & Many more!). This creates one seamless experience for everything available on the streets. Say goodbye to all 20 mobility apps on your phone. Not bad, right?

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Transforming the way we travel is necessary for our future, that’s why we are reinventing rides right now. We’re driven to create a platform that works for everyone. Even your grandma should be able to use it.


One app to ride them all

Travelling is becoming overwhelming. There are so many options, so many apps, so many accounts (and passwords you can't remember). Ain't nobody got time for that! Say goodbye to all this hassle when using umob. We put everything you need in one app.

Ride when you want

The process is easy - it's a one-time registration, and a one-time verification done in minutes. So you can ride whenever you want to.

Once you are signed up you can see all the travel possibilities around you to book whenever you want. What you need always changes depending on the moment. A ride to see your mom on a Sunday isn't going to be the same as a ride home from a night at the pub. This gives you all the options in one place.

Pay & Go

Whatever transport, provider or modality you want to take: you can just pay for it through our app, without extra costs. So check-in and check it out!

Our providers

Release Summer 2023

Are you ready to go?

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