We are committed to realize a sustainable world and liveable cities. Find out how!

Why umob?

Moving like never before

With a focus on empowering smart mobility initiatives and boosting the shared economy for vehicles. So people can move easily through the city like never before. And meanwhile we’re contributing to reducing the carbon footprint worldwide. One ride at a time.

Sharing the same goal

We share the same goal as the government and municipalities: creating more liveable and sustainable cities. With umob we give a push to leverage existing infrastructure while in the meantime improving our environmental impact and that of our users.

The MaaS landscape

This is why we’re advocating that municipalities shape a positive human future for its citizens by playing an active role in developing the MaaS landscape. MaaS enables the user to create a multimodal way of traveling. By doing this we support cities’ goals to reduce pollution and traffic congestion. And we aim for a safer, smarter and more green environment.

Become a partner!

Want to partner up and shape the future of mobility? Reach out!

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